My name is Alex Lee, owner of Strategic Print Management. I’ve been in the printing/graphic arts industry for over 20 years. Originally from the West Coast (Orange County California), I have worked as a sales executive for some of the largest printing companies in the U.S. Always a top producer with an impeccable reputation, my clients have always remained loyal.

With so many mergers and acquisitions happening in the printing/graphic arts arena, I decided to start Strategic Print Management to better service my clients. Working for other companies is a challenge, as your loyalty is to the company and not the client. Companies require higher margins on projects brought in-house, thus passing overinflated pricing to clients. I now have full control over pricing, equipment, turn times, overhead and quality.

Working with Strategic Print Management allows the client more control and exposure to a greater array of products. SPM’s priority is the client(s) and their needs. If you’ve worked with us in the past, you already know how dedicated we are to fulfilling your needs. If given the chance, you too will become one of our loyal clients and enjoy the freedom of not having to work within the limits of one company and their pricing/equipment structure.


our clients include:


AAA-Automobile Club

Discovery Place 


Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Disney)

Charlotte Motor Speedway

Waddy Studio- New York

Ocean Minded

Hayes Martin- Newport Beach

Cal Pacific Homes

Satchi & Satchi- New York

Pinpoint Creative Group  

Just Fresh Restaurants      

Toyota Grand Prix Association   

Charlotte Preparatory School

Brookfield Homes

Standard Pacific Homes

Smith & Noble

Jacuzzi Brands


Simple Green

BSN Sports




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